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Monday, 29 July 2013

Review - Books, Marine Tom Clancy 1997

I grew up reading Tom Clancy but this is quite different from his novels, although it does contain elements of fiction in the story component at the back of the book that pulls together the information presented in an operational narrative that demonstrates how the machine should work.

A USMC MAGTF Marine Air Ground Task Force is a truly Joint organisation that comprises, Air, Ground and Logistic elements that allow in this instance a Marine Expeditionary Unit to pack a significant punch. When you role in the ships you almost have the definition of expeditionary. Whilst this book doesn't give you the detailed Orbat it does explain how it fits together in a fairly comprehensive fashion. Each component of the MAGTF and or MEUSOC is explained in a degree of detail, the whole acts as a single mission orientated task organised group that includes, Air, Attack Aviation, Assault aviation, sea lift, mech inf, recce, armour, artillery and the logistic support to pull it all  together.

In the hands of an expert I suspect this sort of force could take on a division, if you are interested in the USMC or you want to understand Joint Warfighting this book offers significant insight into these concepts as well as what it means to be a US Marine.

Specific Chapters cover:
  • Small Arms
  • Tools of the Trade
  • The Gator Navy
  • A Guided Tour of 26th MEUSOC
  • The MEUSOC in the Real world
For post Cold War intervention operations it's a bit of a must read, whilst it is nearly 17 years old the principals hold good as the USMC tend to run ahead of the pack when it comes to thinking about expeditionary warfare. On top of that I found it quite an engaging read and dirt cheap second hand.

Marine: A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit, Tom Clancy @ Amazon

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